Workshop 3

Developing the future organizational chart

November 30 and December 1, 2016

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Using 2D and 3D models, participants identified the essential, important and desirable links between the functional units of the hospital – such as the emergency department (ED) and the intensive care unit or the ED and the operating room – and then created an organizational chart.

The consulting firm Groupe Solutions Systémiques (GSS) joined the project team to bring its expertise in Lean Design to the planning process of the future hospital.


The organizational chart, which is the backbone of the project, illustrates the essential and important proximity links between hospital units.







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scenarios of proximity between units explored

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What participants said

"The commitment of the participants to the improvement of care at Lachine Hospital is truly remarkable! A really nice team!"​

"Very nice workshop and progress of the project. Nice work from the team."

"It is an honour for me to participate in the future of the hospital, with which I have always felt a great sense of belonging."

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