The workshops

An approach based on the Lean Design method

Modernizing a hospital is a golden opportunity to rethink and reorganize how care services are provided. Before developing plans, it is important to consider ways of improving work organization to provide better service to patients and families. This is what Lean Design workshops allow us to do. In other words, these workshops provide an opportunity to envision how to put patients and their families at the heart of care processes and improve their experience.


Patient partners have actively and systematically participated in the workshops. By integrating them with the teams, they collaborated with the other participants (employees, clinical and administrative management of the hospital, and the planning and coordination teams) to define the functional plan for the Lachine Hospital - a Hospital Oriented towards Patients!


Workshop 1

Defineing the project’s vision





Workshop 2

documenting the situation


Workshop 3

Developing the

organizational chart





Workshop 5

Exploring operating




Workshop 4

Developing the layout hypothesis




Wrap-up event

Sharing the results of the workshops