Wrap-up event

Sharing the results of the workshops

June 6, 2017



On June 6, 2017, representatives who participated in Lean Design workshops to help plan the modernization of Lachine Hospital gathered in a large room at the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Anne. They were there to celebrate the end of this essential phase of the Hop Lachine! modernization project.

“We are here to celebrate the end of this stage, but also to recognize the dedication and enthusiasm of all participants," said Chantale Bourdeau, clinical administrative coordinator of the Lachine Hospital and the Camille-Lefebvre Pavilion of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). “Your contribution to the success of the workshops and to this project is invaluable. Your dedication to our community and university hospital is highly appreciated.”

According to Imma Franco, former director of Technical Services and Real Estate Planning, the benefits of this transformation will be numerous.
“The Hop Lachine! modernization project aims high,” she said. “We want to address infrastructure issues and improve facilities to provide a safe and effective healthcare and work environment that facilitates healing.”

The diversity of experiences and points of view of all participants is one of the strengths of the project, but it also presents challenges, as Dr. Serge Carrier, urologist and surgical director of the Lachine Hospital, explained.

“During the workshops, everyone had to go beyond the reality of their sector and have a global vision,” he said. “Together, we had to reach a consensus and build the subsequent activities according to this consensus.”

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The results of the workshops

The highlight of the event was the tour of the workshops. Members of management and managers were invited to visit 12 information booths, where facilitators shared with them the work completed by the diverse teams over the past few months.

Also in the program of this memorable morning: a recollection of highlights, a questionnaire on the experience of participants, a summary of the next steps, a prize draw, and pizza and cake!


  • Dr. Ewa Sidorowicz, Assistant Director General, Medical Affairs; Director of Professional Services (DSP); and Project Sponsor

  • Imma Franco, Director, Technical Services and Real Estate Planning and Project Sponsor

  • Patient partners

  • Hop Lachine! ambassadors

  • Planning and coordination teams

  • Lachine Technical Services team

  • Representatives of the departments of Quality, Human Resources, Finance and Communications of the MUHC

  • GSS Inc.

  • Congregation of Sisters of Saint Anne

What participants said

"This collaborative exercise required great openness, solidarity, patience and a good dose of humour to finally arrive at the key moment of each stage, what we call the thumbs-up.” - Chantale Bourdeau.

"The decisions made consensually will improve patient safety, quality of care and fluid care pathways; the hospital's work environment will not only be efficient, but also enjoyable and stimulating." - Dr. Ewa Sidorowicz