Workshop 5

Exploring operating models

March 1, 2, 28 and 29; April 6, 7 and 13; May 3, 30 and 31, 2017


Workshop 5 took place in two stages:

In the first stage, participants received a White Belt practical training in Lean Six Sigma for two days. They were able to learn the Lean Six Sigma principles, philosophy and methodology in order to later apply them in a concrete fashion by mapping the current mode of operation of the hospital.

The Lean approach as it applies to health care aims to decrease the amount of waste that arises from processes and to improve fluidity through systemic and interdisciplinary analysis, rather than seeing things in a segmented fashion, broken down by department or specialty. Eliminating irritants and waste is intended to achieve three benefits:

  • Improving the patient's quality of care experience.

  • Decreasing irritants for professionals.

  • Decreasing the costs of management and operation.


The second stage consisted of four Lean Kaizen 3P workshops (patient, process, preparation). The participants were divided into four groups: outpatient services, emergency and intensive care, operating room and endoscopy, and clinical support and logistics.

For each of these sectors, the groups incorporated the lessons of the Lean in order to understand the current mode of operation with respect to patient experience, processes, and the ways in which work and space are organized. They also defined opportunities for improvement, allowing for the development and testing of several ways to organize the sector in the future as part of the modernization of the Lachine Hospital.


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Several spatial layout possibilities, where the participants were able to sketch out efficient future modes of operation. See an example here.



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What participants said

"We started with blank stares and ended up creating scenarios which respected patient flow, dignity, the mutual use of space, etc. Amazing evolution. Can't wait to see the result."

"Very interactive workshop - high energy. I greatly appreciated the knowledge of hospital employees and their dedication."

"The total participation of the Lachine staff in attendance is the element that will make this project excel."

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