The HOP Lachine! project

The promise of a bright future

The Lachine Hospital is currently involved in a major modernization project. Dubbed HOP Lachine! – A hospital oriented towards patients, a project which is being developed in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MHSS) and the Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI), aims to expand our community hospital and upgrade some units the historic building. Once completed, it will allow the hospital to maintain its high quality of care with modern facilities and individual rooms.























Patients and their families are at the heart of this transformation. In a series of Lean Design workshops, patient partners teamed up with health professionals, hospital staff and planners to rethink the way care services are provided and organized before designing the facilities.


The implementation scenario chosen was developed based on the two hypotheses put forward during the Lean workshops. It not only respects the five guiding principles of the project, but it is also consistent with the notice of recognition of clinical needs issued by the MSSS.

Given the scale of the expected work, the project will be divided into phases. At first, a new building will be constructed to house emergency, intensive care and day hospital services, as well as the medical, surgical and palliative care units.


Once the construction and the move are completed, upgrades will be carried out in the existing building, including the medical device reprocessing (MDR) unit, endoscopy suite, outpatient clinics and test centre.

"The Lachine Hospital modernization project is at last reaching the implementation phase. The collaborative effort involving patient partners, health professionals, hospital staff and planners has greatly contributed to the development of a solid plan that, once completed, will enable the Lachine Hospital to better accomplish its mission and improve the services it offers to the public. — Dr. Pierre Gfeller, President and Executive Director of the MUHC

 indispensable support

Since 1976, the Lachine Hospital Foundation has been raising and managing funds for the purchase of state-of-the-art medical equipment and other hospital needs to maintain the high quality of care provided to patients.


The Foundation works closely with the hospital administration to target the most urgent needs, and over the years, every department has benefited from its donations. The Foundation is now preparing a major fundraising campaign in support of the HOP Lachine! modernization project.


For more information on the foundation's fundraising activities and how to support the hospital, please visit

Official Lachine Hospital modernization Launch 

It was May 11, in the hospital cafeteria

The entire staff was invited to the cafeteria during lunch and dinner for the official launch of the project.

It was an opportunity to explain the overall scope of the hospital modernization and to share a pleasant moment around a meal and a piece of cake.